Veggie Pasta

Serves: 2-3 servings
  • 450g fusilli pasta 

  • 2 tbsp olive oil 

  • 1 jar of your favourite spaghetti sauce 

  • 275ml water 

  • 2 zucchini (finely diced) 

  • 1 onion (diced) 

  • 1 can chickpeas (rinsed and

  • 60g olives (rinsed and drained) 

  • 1 cup mushrooms (finely diced) 

  • Herbs and spices to taste (We used
    onion powder, garlic powder,

  • Italian seasoning, oregano) 
    Parmesan Shavings (Optional, for

  1. On the pressure cooker control panel, turn the menu knob to “Fry”and press start

  2. Heat the oil and then add in the zucchini, onion, mushrooms. Saute until starting to brown (about 5 minutes)

  3. Press the “Cancel” button to turn off the heat

  4. Add the water to the pressure cooker

  5. Add the pasta, remaining veggies and seasoning. Stir to combine

  6. Add the sauce making sure all the pasta is covered

  7. Place the lid on the pressure cooker

  8. Turn the menu knob until you reach the “Pasta” function (this  will default to 5 minutes). If you prefer softer pasta, press the “Texture” button to select the “Strong” setting

  9. Press start to begin cooking. Music will sound and the cooker will start the countdown once the optimum pressure has been reached inside

  10. When the timer ends, cooker will beep and will switch to the “Keep Warm” function automatically. Press the cancel button

  11. Release the pressure by holding the pressure release button on the top of the lid. Open the lid 

  12. Enjoy!

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